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The Sparse Collective is a group of international dance artists who share a passion for collective improvisation. The members met in 2012 at The London Contemporary Dance School and they established the collective in 2014, thanks to the guidance of Rick Nodine, Jovair Longo and Carolyn Deby. Since then, they have begun their research in the infinite possibilities of instant composition and collaborative choreography.

The Sparse believes improvisation has the power to make dance more accessible to people  and those  who may not have been exposed to dance performances before. It provides a way to easily engage with people of different ages, experiences and social backgrounds. 

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Jack Sergison
is a surprisingly sweaty dancer. He is currently exploring his interest in performance art and choreography, and has been involved in numerous pop-up performances and facilitating contact improvisation jams around London. He has recently finished working as Movement Director for 'Where will we live?' with Changing Faces Collective and is now about to work with the choreographer Sally Marie.
was born in Bordeaux (France) where he started dancing before joining the National Dance School of Marseille and London Contemporary Dance School in 2012. He performed works by Crystal Pite, John Ross and Richard Alston among many others.He is a funding member of The Sparse Collective. After graduating he moved back to France where he is now working with Chendance Company.
Letitia Wilkinson
Letitia Wilkinson is one of the founding members of dance improvisation collective- The Sparse Collective.  Since graduating, Letitia has been working as a freelance dancer with involvement in numerous projects including working with immersive theater company Reuben Feels, on multiple projects with Alexandra Green Dance and will soon begin a period of Research and Development with Hannah Meraki Dance. Letitia teaches regularly in London and continues to explore other practices such as Yoga and Capoeira and plans to undergo Yoga teaching training in the future.

Updates coming soon 

This 3-week residency is going to allow us making a new creation and rediscovering one existing piece.


It is a great opportunities for us to develop our own artistic language and work, create and recreate two new creations to tour back to the UK.

The residency at La Manifacture will enable us to come back together and work on 'Wolves will be watching' a piece by Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas commissioned by London Contemporary dance School. (

Alongside that we will be exploring, playing and digging deeply in our Improvisation practice, aiming at actively engage our audiences. Because our work is for everyone and you will all agree on it... if you give us a chance to show it!!

We will be performing these pieces at Avignon Festival right after the residency as site specific and street perfromances.

La Manufacture residency
Aurillac, France
4/07 to 22/07 2016
Avignon festival
22, 23, 24/07 2016


Plaça de les Patates
Plaça Josep Pla

Improvisation into performance works with the ability of making every decision in the moment of the performance. All dancers are simultaneous choreographers and are responsible for the structure and the development of the piece. The vocabulary of our instant compositions can be pure movement, have a strong narrative, be abstract and use text and sound: the possible combinations are infinite.

Precision is fulfilled when there is clarity in the actions and intentions of a body, when the experience of an individual is fully manifested through their physicality, while keeping a receptive state ready to welcome any change that might occur.

Choreography and Performance | Amarnah Amuludun, Laura Lorenzi, Theo Pendle and Jack Sergison


Agitart festival
Figueres, Spain
30/06 & 2/07 2016

Check out our crowdfunding







that gathers a lot of footage of our work and explains the 2 projects listed here.

Despite the great support we received from agitart and La Manufacture, we still need your help for travel and food expenses!

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